Proud ambassador for this wonderful brand that makes it its mission to support women in hospitality. Working together since beginning 2022, our collaboration became a healthy and beautiful partnership. Workshops and social media presence, organizing influencer events and helping them on their strategy in marketing and communication.Truly a “360” union.Check my Instagram for regular recipes […]


The iconic Hotel Du Parc in Oostende went through renovations this past year and has now hospitality legend Shannah Zeebroek leading their beautiful bar and restaurant.And we were lucky to assist them with a “full service” cocktails consultancy. Bespoke drinks, staff training and supplying them with custom-made cordials.We revisited classics and designed some new cocktail […]


I have been working for & with the Bacardi-Martini family for several years and we have already did some wonderful projects together in the past.And for this collaboration I had the chance to let my creativity loose.Working together with famous radio channel “Nostalgie’ and pair 5 mocktails with my favorite songs from the eighties.I used […]


Sharing my passion for fine drinks on Belgian’s number one culinary channel. Over the past years I have been showing how to make some of my favourite cocktails and mocktails with different beverage and food partners. Old school Dry Martini with the newest Bombay Gin, check! Reinvented classic Cosmo with Elixir d’anvers, check! Signature mocktails […]


High End beauty brand Sisley & Simply Better contacted us with the question if we could transform their new line of perfumes in sophisticated mocktails. And that’s exactly what we did. We carefully selected unique ingredients and combinations that would enhance the notes of the perfume.Eventually we designed 8 complex mocktails that we send all […]


Where it all begun…My bartending career (truly) started when I founded The Pharmacy alongside my father in 2013.And for 5 years I had the privilege to design and serve hundreds of cocktails to thousands of guests next to my family.When I left to pursue consultancy and events, The Pharmacy stayed in the capable hands of […]


Challenge: can you create a replicable cocktail and mocktail with traditional candies?Answer: yes, you can.After tasting their whole range, we created a delicious winter punch with their coffee bonbons. Reinventing a classic and showing the range of their products.Curious about the recipe?Head over to their website:


Don’t call me “Kitchen Princess”, call me “Cocktail Queen”.I had the honor of supporting KitchenAid by showing the cocktail value of their products.From their cordless mixer to their powerful blenders, they have become an essential part in creating delicious cordials & syrups.Our collab contained workshops for influencers & clients, videos for Social Media and organizing […]