Sharing my passion for fine drinks on Belgian’s number one culinary channel. Over the past years I have been showing how to make some of my favourite cocktails and mocktails with different beverage and food partners. Old school Dry Martini with the newest Bombay Gin, check! Reinvented classic Cosmo with Elixir d’anvers, check! Signature mocktails for your kids, check!
And if all this talk about drinks got you thirsty, then go to www.njam.tv for all my recipes.

Hannah is a dream to work with. She knows her profession better than anyone an never forgets to put her own identity in it. With Njam! we have already had the pleasure of working with her several times… and every time it has been a bull’s eye. She processes a complete briefing, some more challenging than others, always with that great smile. What we ask is no small feat, such as 16 different creations on 1 shooting day… and she always comes up with a unique approach. To me, that shows pure professionalism…
Hannah also thinks about lucrative partnerships and how certain formats can be approached differently. I repeat: she is a dream and a pleasure to work with.


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