WELCOME! Glad to see you. Make yourself comfortable and grab a drink.
My name is Hannah Van Ongevalle and I am an experienced hospitality professional from Knokke, Belgium. With over 10 years of industry wisdom, you can count on me on anything that is cocktails, mocktails and refined drinks.

In 2013 I founded The Pharmacy in Knokke together with my father. This became a well- known cocktail bar where guests could enjoy our creative drinks in a unique setting. In 2014, I became the first woman ever to win the prestigious title of Best Belgian Bartender
(6 months after our opening) and placed myself in the top 12 best bartenders in the world.

In 2016, I started Tipsy Cake, a premium cocktail catering company for high-end events in Belgium and abroad. My passion for creating exceptional drinking experiences made me an in-demand professional in the B2B & B2C events industry.

My love for cocktails and non alcoholic fine drinks was recognized by the cooking channel Njam in 2016, and I became a regular guest on many of their shows. I also had the honour to appear as a guest expert in several television programs, judged (inter)national competitions and brought out my own cocktail bible “Come take a spit with me”.

In 2018, I left The Pharmacy to start a new project called “The Motel“. Here I offer workshops and consultancy to other hospitality professionals, sharing in-depth knowledge and solutions. I consulted for renowned restaurants, bars & brands such as Bacardi, Lillet, Perrer, Nespresso and many others.

In 2020, I launched Cocktail Maison (as a “covid” side project), and I shipped cocktails & mocktail packages all over Europe. Now you can count on Cocktail Maison for pre- batched cocktails, mocktails & cordials for live & online events.

People will forget
what you said,
people will forget
what you did but
people will never
forget how you
made them feel.
– Maya Angelou

My latest project, called “The Epic Club”, aims to support women working in the hospitality sector. To celebrate & challenge them and to find power in connection..

Many years and many drinks later I continue to do my job with the passion and love it deserves. If we work together, you can expect eye for detail, endless creativity, dedication and solutions that will make your business thrive.

Now wishing that drink was made by me?

© Hannah van Ongevalle, 2024