Welcome. Glad to see you. Make yourself comfortable and have a drink.

Hannah’s journey starts in 2013. Alongside her father, she starts ‘The Pharmacy’. A speakeasy located in an antique shop, close to the Belgian coastline.

In no time, The Pharmacy became one of Belgium’s leading cocktail bars, welcoming guests from far and wide.

Even though no one knew exactly where The Pharmacy was located —as it was a speakeasy— everyone felt it was the place to be. See what I did there?

A year later, in 2014, Hannah won the prestigious ‘Best Belgian Bartender’ award and placed herself amongst the top 10 of the world.

A leading lady was born, now it was time for a book…

In 2015 Hannah releases her cocktail bible, called ‘Come Take A Sip With Me’…. And became a tv-host for Njam.

She then starts her cocktail catering company, called ‘Tipsy Cake’ – and had the pleasure of serving drinks all over the world at high-end events. We’re talking boats. We’re talking bling. We’re talking the real deal, here.

Four years ago, she founded ‘The Motel’, where she hosts hospitality courses for gastronomy and beverage clients.

Now she is the Co-Owner of Cocktail Maison where her signature cordials and twists on famous cocktails find there way all over Belgium and far beyond.

And she didn’t stop there, together with her business partner Ann-Sophie, she created “The Epic Club“, a high end networking association that helps, supports and celebrates women in hospitality.

And who knows what the future has in store…?

People will forget
what you said,
people will forget
what you did but
people will never
forget how you
made them feel.
– Maya Angelou

© Hannah van Ongevalle, 2023