It’s the heart of our operations, next to the city center of Knokke. A small event space, development kitchen and fully equipped bar. The idea was to create a place where chefs and bartenders can meet, learn, talk and inspire. A place that takes you far away because of its design. A place that makes you dream, whether it’s professionally or personally.

So, this is not a motel, it’s a concept. It’s a way of life.

Dreaming is allowed. Sleeping is not.

This hospitality-concept was made possible by :

The ultimate’s chef kitchen of Hilux Hillewaert & De Maatwerker
Custom made with love Bar by Potier Stone
Carefully selected design Furniture by RR Interior
Eyecatching Lighting by Dark
Unique Walls & tiles by Verhelst
Timeless Construction by PDS Bouw
Handmade Mexican Table & Glassware by Kuun Design

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